Hand Crafted           Nutrient Dense        Addictive Flavors


THE HIGHEST QUALITY, MOST delicious, SPROuted nuts you can find!


As a boy, my dad taught me to grow our own food in the backyard so I knew that food comes from the ground and not just the supermarket. As a Los Angeles fireman for nearly 20 years, I wanted an energy packed, natural snack to carry me through the long shifts. That's why I created Rich Nuts. Rich Nuts are hand crafted, sprouted, preservative free, and seasoned with natural herbs and spices. And they’ve got amazing flavor and a great crunch!


Sprouted            vegan            gluten-free            non-gmo            raw            paleo



 We use only the highest quality, raw cashews in Rich Nuts.  Our sustainable farms provide only the most delicious nuts, while keeping the environment a huge priority. 



Infusing amino acids, and the best herbs and spices from around the world, we have developed fantastic recipes that are wildly rich in flavor. The seasoning is where the magic comes in!


We mimic nature by soaking raw nuts in water. This allows the nuts to drop their defense system the nutritional values spike and become readily bio available.



Instead of roasting our nuts, we dehydrate them. This gentle process not only keeps our cashews raw and really rich in nutrition, it also locks in our flavor profiles. This gives them a crunch that is out of this world!