Rich Nuts

Our Story

Our founder Rich Pauwels was in search of a healthy snack that could sustain him through long shifts as a Los Angeles firefighter. Determined to find something better than sugary snacks and bars, he created something that was nutritious, high-protein, and most importantly, delicious.

After discovering that sprouted nuts were more nutritious and easier to digest, he started soaking cashews. This made them soggy and unappetizing. So he worked to enhance their flavor and crunch by seasoning and dehydrating them.

He was onto something. All it took was making one batch at the firehouse to realize this snack was going to be a hit. Experiments with different spice and nut combinations, were eagerly taste-tested by his fellow firefighters. Now you can choose which flavor of the six sprouted nuts and four spreads rings your bell.


Our Products

We believe mindful products
are better for you, your family,
and the planet.

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Rich Nuts Contain No:

-Artificial Ingredients
-Added Sugars
-Artificial Flavors
-Dye or Color Additives

All of Rich Nuts snacks and spreads are handcrafted from high-quality ingredients that are ethically sourced from sustainable farms. From seed to sprout to shelf, we work closely to ensure there are no unnecessary additives–just rich flavor and natural goodness. We are also working toward becoming a carbon-neutral company that is even more eco-friendly!

Why Sprouting?


Sprouting 101


Nuts are actually dormant seeds. Their protective barrier helps them survive in nature. When it gets wet the water breaks down the protective barrier to allow the seed to germinate begin to germinate and sprout. Sprouting makes nuts more digestible and unlocks essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

When you eat Rich Nuts snacks and spreads, you’re not only getting a great tasting product, you’re also getting the nutritional benefits of the sprouting process. Rich nuts brings you both without compromise.