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My Story

More than just nuts, I believe in creating a better food future. I started Rich Nuts because as a firefighter, I was in search of a protein-rich snack that could sustain me through my long shifts. I was determined to find a better option for myself and my crew. So I set out to create it with these goals in mind: it had to be nutritious, sustaining, delicious, and good for the people & planet.

After I discovered that sprouting nuts made them more nutrient-dense and easier to digest, I started soaking cashews in water. However, this only made them soggy and unappetizing. So I worked to bring back their flavor and crunch by seasoning them with savory spices and dehydrating them at a low temperature. It was magic! The sprouted nuts were now crunchy and full of flavor. During my breaks at the firehouse, I would make batch after batch, experimenting with different spice and nut combinations—letting my fellow firefighters taste-test along the way.

Soon I was getting orders from friends, family, and co-workers. It was then decided I had to share them with the world and Rich Nuts was born. However, I wanted my creations to be more than just snacks—I wanted them to bring richness back to a world that had become increasingly artificial and mass produced.

To me, food is about more than nourishing the body, It’s about nourishing the land and farmers who grow it. From seed to shelf, my goal is to work closely to ensure every ingredient and every person along the supply is thought of and cared for. This means ethically sourcing nuts from sustainable farms, and making sure my recipes never contain GMO’s, preservatives, or unnecessary additives.


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Throughout my entire journey, I’ve worked to enrich people’s lives. First as a firefighter and now by creating products that nourish the body, support the environment, and give back to the community. I challenge you to ask yourself what it means to be “RICH”? Is it the number of presents under a tree? Or the number of people you can lend a helping hand? We have the power to spread kindness and awareness through action. I hope you will join me in spreading Richness to your local community through giving back, sharing stories, and working toward the greater good. Together we can Reimagine Richness. You can help by taking a brief survey below.


Our Products

We believe mindful products
are better for you, your family,
and the planet.

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Rich Nuts Contain No:

-Artificial Ingredients
-Added Sugars
-Artificial Flavors
-Dye or Color Additives

All of Rich Nuts snacks and spreads are handcrafted from high-quality ingredients that are ethically sourced from sustainable farms. From seed to sprout to shelf, we work closely to ensure there are no unnecessary additives–just rich flavor and natural goodness. We are also working toward becoming a carbon-neutral company that is even more eco-friendly!


Why Sprouting?


Sprouting 101



Nuts are actually dormant seeds of a plant. They have a protective shield, which helps them survive in nature. When you add water, the seed will begin to germinate, breaking down the natural barrier in an attempt to grow a new plant. Sprouting unlocks essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in nuts, while also making them more bioavailable (aka easier to digest and absorb).

When you eat Rich Nuts snacks and spreads, you’re not only getting a great tasting product, you’re also getting the nutritional benefits of the sprouting process. Rich Nuts brings you both without compromise.