We were certainly disappointed to find out that Expo West was postponed this week. We understand the travel concerns, so we're eager to follow up with everyone - please feel free to contact us at Sales@RichNuts.com or call any time.

We were planning to debut our delicious, sprouted Maple Pecans to the Natural Products Expo West community, and we were excited to be a part of the Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace on Wednesday March 4th. But here we are.

Of course we know Rich Nuts Maple Pecans are delicious - the best nuts ever! What you may not know is that they're available in 4oz, 8oz, and case sizes for retail and direct-to-consumer. Also Rich Nuts Maple Pecan, along with Savory Sage, Crunchy Curry Cashews, Go Nuts & Berries Trail Mix, and Brilliant Balsamic Walnuts are available in bulk for food service and corporate hospitality. Fine retailers such as Erewhon Markets and Sunlife Organics proudly carry Rich Nuts, and additional retailers are coming on line this spring.

Rich Nuts sprouted Maple Pecans are Vegan and Paleo-friendly, made with just three ingredients including organic, sprouted, US-grown pecans, organic maple syrup, and organic vanilla. Taste-testers in sample markets strongly approved of the combination, routinely calling Maple Pecans “sweet but not sugary,” “light and crunchy,” and “upscale.”

Rich Nuts Founder Rich Pauwels said he was inspired to develop the flavor after sampling healthy, Georgia grown, Elliot pecans. Rich said, “Southern praline cookies and candied pecans are delicious and I wanted a snack that emulated that rich heritage without the heavy sugar and butter. It helps that we’re starting with excellent pecans, and the organic maple syrup we get from Maine is absolutely top notch.”

We're working with Expo West to determine next steps and look forward to connecting with the community soon. In the meantime, you can reach us at Sales@Richnuts.com or by calling (310) 818-3112. You can also connect with us on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/rich-nuts/

Rich Nuts LLC Sprouted Gourmet Nuts was founded by Rich Pauwels when he was a professional Los Angeles County Firefighter.  While fighting intense fires in steep canyons around LA, Rich needed a protein-rich snack that would sustain him and his crew through long shifts and extreme exertion. Rich saw nuts as a nutrient-dense food, but they caused him digestive problems and he was concerned about the sustainability of common store-bought nuts. Rich learned the benefits of sprouting, which “unlocked” nutrients and made nuts easier to digest. During breaks at the firehouse, Rich would experiment with different flavors and his crew always said, “Rich you need to start a company and sell these!” So Rich Nuts was born - the best nuts ever!