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  • Where's The Truth In Food? Rich Pauwels Answers

    In this fascinating John Sutton Apple Podcasts episode with Rich Nuts Founder Rich Pauwels, Rich shares how he created Rich Nuts
  • 2 Ways Nuts Help with Weight Control

    This is a fascinating view into the science of nutrition - how nuts help with weight control.  In this video, Dr. Ann explains how nuts, which are high in good fats, actually contribute to weight control.
  • Sprouting Science: Rich Nuts 24 April 2020 Newsletter

    The science of sprouting is germinating!  Learn how Rich Nuts examines the scientifically proven benefits of germinating nuts and seeds and catch the Rich Nuts Newsletter Deal.
  • Rich Makes Nuts Rich, Here's How...

    Why would anyone want to "sprout" nuts? Isn't that the reason we keep things in the fridge, to prevent sprouting?  Turns out, with tree nuts, as with grains, "sprouting" makes an amazing difference.
  • Are You A Prepper? Rich Nuts 10 April 2020 Newsletter

    Considering what’s going on around the world right now, maybe we should all be Prepper-Survivalists. Well some of the folks on the Rich Nuts team s...
  • Turn Regular Cookie Mix into Gourmet Gold

    Turn any store-bought cookie mix into gourmet gold with Rich Nuts Maple Pecans. Stuck at home and you've opened the pantry 10 times today already? See something different next time by adding 1/2 cup crushed Maple Pecans to any cookie mix - you will be happy!
  • This Will Help You Remain Calm Under Fire

    In this Noble Warrior podcast, Rich explains how he stayed calm "under fire" as a firefighter and the practices he uses to remain calm today - no matter what life throws at him.
  • Rich Pauwels video: Why I'm Giving 25% Off Cases of Rich Nuts

    In tough times we all must do our part to help our friends and neighbors. Rich Nuts is a health food company, and we're proud to lower our prices during this tough time so more people can enjoy the benefits of sprouted organic nuts.
  • Who Says Rich Nuts Are “The Best Nuts Ever?”

    I love starting a blog post with a question. Asking questions leads to answers, more questions, and a real conversation. Here’s a customer question...
  • The Future of Food: Sprouted Nuts at Expo West 2020

    Expo West 2020 has been postponed so we're working with everyone via email, phone, and video conference. Contact us anytime at - we'd be delighted to set up a time to connect with Rich and the Rich Nuts Sprouted Gourmet Nuts team.
  • This Will Make You Nuts for Nuts

    In this informative summary, nutrition expert Dr. Ed Blonz explains the nutritional benefits of nuts - from sterols that help lower cholesterol to healthy omega-3 fats like alpha-linolenic acid.  As Dr. Blonz writes, “All nuts are good for you…
  • This Harsh Truth Will Make You Better at Business

    There's a harsh truth about any business, especially one that believes in a triple bottom line. You have to produce something people are willing to pay for!