Take Action - Join my Brand Discovery Group January 12th

Throughout my entire journey, I’ve worked to enrich people’s lives. First as a firefighter and now by creating products that nourish the body, support the environment, and give back to the community. I challenge you to ask yourself what it means to be “RICH”? Is it the number of presents under a tree? Or the number of people you can lend a helping hand? We have the power to spread kindness and awareness through action. I hope you will join me in spreading Richness to your local community through giving back, sharing stories, and working toward the greater good. Together we can Reimagine Richness. I would love for you to join in on the conversation to help make our journey even better by participating in our brand discovery group, Saturday, January 12th from 11am-12noon. At this free event I will provide a delicious meal, a first-look at new products in the works, and you will receive a gift bag to bring out into the world.