About Us

We are a husband and wife co-founded business. Rich discovered the power of sprouted nuts while working long shifts as a firefighter and paramedic in the Californian wildfires. Samantha’s career wound through films and music and also Burning Man. Together we bring richness to everything we do. With Rich Nuts we want to bring abundance, adventure, laughter, love, joy and bliss to everyone.

We want for everyone to be able to taste the richness of life. With Rich, our Sprouting King, we are a certified minority owned business and a veteran/first responder owned business. Samantha is our woman CEO and our Goddess in Chief. We are committed to 100% regenerative sourcing and to responsible packaging. The structure of mindfulness is in every aspect of the business.Rich Nuts is a triple bottom line business (TBL). And we were just approved as a vendor for the 2022 Super Bowl.

Sprouting the perfect snack

“My search for the ideal snack began as a firefighter in California. Long shifts hauling heavy equipment uphill left me beat. I needed energy. Then I discovered the power of sprouted nuts. I sprouted cashews, dehydrated them for crunch, added herbs from my garden, and shared this creation with my crew. When I could barely keep up with demand in the firehouse, I knew the perfect snack was born. Rich Nuts Sprouted Nuts are easy to digest, crunchy, organic, and oh so delicious. Loaded with good fats and protein, they keep you going strong all day long. Enjoy!”

—Rich Pauwels, Founder

Our Mission

We do our part to nourish the planet as it nourishes us by creating healthy, delicious food in a sustainable way. We believe the children of this generation and future generations deserve a better earth. A greener earth. A more equal earth. We stand in solidarity with people from all walks of life working together to reimagine a brighter future.

From how we produce, package and ship, to how every person along the supply chain is treated, we devote ourselves to being mindful of the impact of everything we do. We take our time in considering every step of the process first before taking action. We take pride in the journey, knowing that we are creating wealth and abundance for all.