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Sprouted Trail Mix

Rich Nuts signature sprouted Crunchy Curry Cashews and Maple Pecans are mixed with organic dried blueberries, raisins, and goji berries for the ultimate flavor combo. Fresh, crunchy, and pleasantly chewy, with a touch of spicy, each batch is gently dehydrated to preserve vital nutrients and ensure bioavailability.

Rich Nuts Go Nuts & Berries are a nutrient-dense, digestive-friendly food perfect for endurance sports. Even for those intense gym workouts and spin classes, one solid handful of Go Nuts & Berries can energize you through the finish line.

Backpacking but you are vegan? Looking for healthy survival food that lasts? Most pre-packaged dried meals are full of carbohydrates and salt. Solution: Rich Nuts Go Nuts & Berries are vegan and also satisfy Keto and Paleo diets. Perfect for day hikes, trekking, snowshoeing and skiing, backcountry trips, and calorie burners like marathons and triathlons.