Why Sprouting?

Sprouting makes Rich Nuts more nutrient-dense and easier to digest!

What's sprouting all about?

We all grew up knowing about sprouts like Alfalfa sprouts, bean sprouts. And we have all heard the ancient technique of soaking. Like soaking beans before cooking them, same with grains, like rice. But why? Why are sprouts healthy? And for what reason did our ancestors for generations soak beans and rice? And what does all of that have to do with nuts?

Nuts, like seeds, grains and legumes are the egg of a plant. They are where the magic of life happens. And they have a fascinating way of spreading a plant’s off spring far and wide. Over millions of years, they evolved a way to survive an animal’s digestive tract. Why? Because If an animal eats the plant, the seed, or nut can be carried far away and land on the ground in a warm wet pile of droppings and there grow into a new plant.

How do they do this? They have anti-nutrients, like lectins and phytic acid, that create a protective barrier that allows them to pass unharmed through the animal’s system. While doing this, however, those anti-nutrients create inflammation and irritation in the animal’s gut, which, for us humans causes things like bloating, gas and in some cases can lead to, allergies, leaky gut and autoimmune.

When the Nut, seed or grain, lands on the ground and is soaked in rain water, it is a signal that it is time. The anti-nutrients dissolve and a germination phase begins, and a plant starts to grow. This newly forming plant is packed with minerals, vitamins and all of the energy packed nutrients it needs to burst to life.

At Rich Nuts, we mimic this process by soaking organically sourced raw nuts in water, allowing them to germinate just enough time to bring the nuts to life. This is why we believe our nuts, are the most alive, nutrient-dense snack you can put in your body. And, our unique flavor philosophy and exotic ingredients make them the best tasting as well. If you want to know more about sprouting and our process, see our video below "Why you should eat sprouted Nuts"