Why Sprouted?

Nuts and many other seeds have a protective shield that allows them to survive the journey through a digestive system. This way the nuts can get carried somewhere far and then get deposited with some extra added nutrients. But that’s also why they can be quite unpleasant when eaten raw and in larger quantities. The lectins and a phytic acid shield often creates inflammation and irritation in the gut in animals. For humans this often means bloating, gas and in some cases leads to allergies, leaky gut and other autoimmune reactions.

But the nut does not keep its shield forever. As it goes from tough seed to young plant, it undresses. For a brief moment, the seed is more nutritious and its minerals and vitamins are more accessible to us.

At Rich Nuts, we mimic this transformation. We let nuts germinate just enough, to bring them to life and to let down their guard. This is why we believe our nuts, are the most alive, nutrient-dense snack anywhere. They are

  • Easier to digest
  • Nutrient dense
  • Bio-available
  • Full of good fats and protein
  • Crunchy and delicious

Rich Nuts are also


Low glycemic





Firefighter approved

And because of our unique flavor philosophy and exotic ingredients they are the best tasting too. We use ingredients that enhance the natural flavor of the nuts rather than overwhelming them. While many nuts out there might be squirrel tested, ours are firefighter approved.

To really find out what this is all about, you might need to taste Rich Nuts yourself. Order one of the packs now. Or if you really want to know what this is about, get all the flavors for your personal taste testing. And taste the richness of life.