Rich Nuts Are The Best Nuts Ever For Retail

Rich Nuts was founded by LA County Firefighter, Rich Pauwels, who was desperate for nutritious, healthy food while scrambling up and down steep canyons fighting wildfires. Nuts seemed like a good bet because of their nutrient density, but they gave him stomach problems.

With research, Rich discovered that tree nuts, like cashews, pecans, and walnuts, contain lectins and protective coatings that inhibit their digestability.

It turns out that sprouting – germinating then dehydrating – “unlocks” nutrients and makes nuts easier to digest. So, Rich started making sprouted nuts and his energy increased and his digestive problems went away. Rich created different seasoning mixes and his fire crew loved them – they all said he should start a company, and Rich Nuts was born.

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Rich Nuts Retail Sales Benefits

  • Easier to digest
  • Concentrated food energy
  • Healthy fats and protein
  • No refrigeration required
  • Clean, standout, consumer-friendly packaging
  • Demo sampling by the Rich Nuts team
  • Sprouting education demos
  • Coordinated marketing to drive store traffic

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