Why Sprouted?

Nuts have a NATURAL SHIELD that blocks and inhibits digestion and can cause inflammation, gas, bloating and even brain fog.

At Rich Nuts, we REMOVE this shield by mimicking the natural process of germination.

1) Soaking removes this shield, making them more digestible & bio available

2) Sprouting activates nuts into a growth phase packing them with valuable nutrients

3) Seasoning them with highly curated gourmet superfoods

4) Dehydrating them at a low temperature for a superior crunch

Meet Rich!

“My search for the ideal snack began as a firefighter in California. Long shifts hauling heavy equipment uphill left me beat. I needed energy. Then I discovered the power of sprouted nuts. I sprouted cashews, dehydrated them for crunch, added herbs from my garden, and shared this creation with my crew. When I could barely keep up with demand in the firehouse, I knew the perfect snack was born. Rich Nuts Sprouted Nuts are easy to digest, crunchy, organic, and oh so delicious. Loaded with good fats and protein, they keep you going strong all day long. Enjoy!”

— Rich Pauwels, Founder