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Rich Nuts is becoming recognized as a go-to snack brand for those looking for clean, healthy, gut-friendly food.

Recognized By Dr. Mark Hyman & Gunner Lovelace

"These really are the best nuts ever" Gunner Lovelace - Founder of Thrive Market

Do Nuts Give You Stomach Pain?

The problem for your stomach is that nuts naturally contain a compound called phytic acid that protects them from sprouting before they grow. And phytic acid irritates the digestive system causing stomach pain.

How Rich's Nuts Compare To Others

Nuts and many other seeds have a protective shield that allows them to survive the journey through a digestive system.

This way the nuts can get carried somewhere far and then get deposited with some extra added nutrients. But that’s also why they can be quite unpleasant when eaten raw and in larger quantities.

The lectins and a phytic acid shield often creates inflammation and irritation in the gut in animals. For humans this often means bloating, gas and in some cases leads to allergies, leaky gut and other autoimmune reactions.

But the nut does not keep its shield forever. As it goes from tough seed to young plant, it undresses. For a brief moment, the seed is more nutritious and its minerals and vitamins are more accessible to us.

At Rich Nuts, we mimic this transformation. We let nuts germinate just enough to bring them to life and to let down their guard.

This is why we believe our nuts, are the most alive, nutrient-dense snack anywhere.

Formulated For Maximum Nutrition Absorption

Our Customers Love Rich's Nuts

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As a lady with a sensitive tummy, I love that these are sprouted and easier to digest. Not to mention, the flavors are delicious! I most enjoyed the savory cashews and maple or cinnamon nuts (with the curry flavors being my least favorite). Great company that I will proudly support and share with my circle :)

- Lindsey Smith

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My overall experience with Rich Nuts was very positive. The quality of the product is top-notch and I was genuinely impressed. The nuts have a crunchy texture with a smooth, buttery flavor that will surely tantalize your taste buds! Additionally, the company offers a wide variety of flavors to choose from so you can find something that suits your preference. In addition to being delicious, Rich Nuts are also a great source of healthy fats, protein and essential vitamins and minerals. They make for the perfect snack or addition to your favorite recipes! I highly recommend trying Rich Nuts if you are looking for a high-quality nut product that is both delicious and nutritious.

- Azul DelGrasso

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I love sprouted nuts because they are a lot easier to digest. The flavors are incredible and made with all real ingredients. Couldn’t recommend these enough.

- Danielle Bear

Clean, Nutritious & Full of Flavor

Clean Ingredients: All of our ingredients are diligently chosen by Rich himself to maximize both flavor and health. They are all clean, simple, healthy, and totally crave-able! Our pecans are sourced direct from local farmers in Georga. And our maple syrup is regeratively grown and harvested by a small family farm in Maine.

Healthy Snack: Our thoughtfully seasoned sprouted nuts are easier to digest, nutrient dense, bio-available, full of good fats and protein while being crunchy and delicious. All of our products are USDA Certified Organic, preservative-free, pesticide-free, vegan, gluten-free, Keto and Paleo diet approved.

Gourmet Flavor: Subtle but unique is our flavor philosophy. We use simple, clean exotic ingredients that enhance the natural flavor of the nuts rather than overwhelming them.

Tantalizing Texture: The crunch that we create with our process will WOW your senses! No more heavy, waxy dense nuts. These are light and crunchy and will leave you feeling ready to take on your day!

Rich's Nuts are also

Rich's Nuts are also

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