Shipping Policy

Rich Nuts commits to shipping products to you within four business days of receiving your order. Rich Nuts usually ships within one day of receiving your order, but sometimes there are delays of up to a few days if there are supply-chain or shipping company challenges. International orders will be shipped within four days also, but shipping times may be different from typical US domestic shipments

Upon receipt of your order, you will receive an email from Rich Nuts thanking you for your order and confirming your purchase. Then, within 4 days of the receipt of your order, Rich Nuts will ship your order to you, and you will receive another email stating that your order has been shipped. That email will contain a tracking number, usually from the US Postal Service, with a link to the shipper’s package tracking system so you can see for yourself when your package is due to arrive at the order address. The tracking number link will stay live for the duration of your shipment, so you can check it any time.

If you have any questions about Rich Nuts’ shipping policy or questions about your order, please email Rich Nuts at or call (310) 818-3112 and coordinate with one of our order management team members. Having your order number helps but is not totally necessary. Thank you for ordering from Rich Nuts!