Why Sprouted!

Why Sprouted!

Why would anyone want to "sprout" food?  Isn't that the reason we keep things in the fridge, to prevent sprouting?  Turns out, with tree nuts, as with grains, "sprouting" makes a wonderful difference.

In this quick video, I explain the sprouting process at the dehydration section of the Rich Nuts production facility in Los Angeles, check it out:

By germinating nuts through a controlled process of hydration (aka imbibition) and then halting the germination process at a precise point with dehydration, nuts become what we call sprouted.

The gentle dehydration used to halt germination is done just before a nut would begin the next phase of putting out a shoot, which normally would eventually become a new tree. Instead, by halting the germination process at just the right time, the nut is transformed from a protected "seed" into a delightfully crunchy, easily digested, concentrated and shelf-stable health food.

As they say, nuts are nature's concentrated food energy. With sprouting, they get even better for you.