Considering what’s going on around the world right now, maybe we should all be Prepper-Survivalists. Well some of the folks on the Rich Nuts team served in the military and they often spend weekends trekking around the Sierra Nevadas. They’re also keto/paleo, but dehydrated packaged camping foods are usually high carb. So what do they do for high energy, concentrated foods that last on the trail? Rich Nuts Go Nuts & Berries.

Here’s what one of them said, “I pack light and move fast, but I’m not about to skimp on food, so I always have Rich Nuts Go Nuts & Berries. Multiple flavors, light and crunchy textures - a handful keeps me going for hours.” Learn about Rich Nuts’ nutrient densities and please try them yourself - we’re eager to hear what you think.

Supplier Spotlight: We love working with Tradin Organics! They really care - it defines everything they do. We get the most delicious, triple-certified organic cashews from Tradin’s Vietnamese operations. Tradin is sustainable to the core. They’ve been working in Vietnam for 20 years so they’ve developed wonderful relationships with local farmers, and they know quality. In our next newsletter we’ll talk more about cashew farming and why we selected Tradin Organic [hint: they care about the farmers]. By the way, have you ever seen cashews growing? They’re so cute!

Catch Rich Nuts Founder Rich Pauwels’ motivational podcast on how he stays calm under pressure and how you can too. Rich explains the mental methods he learned battling California wildfires and how conscious leadership is the foundation for everything he does. Listen here: The Noble Warrior

Rich Nuts Recipes: Stuck at home and you’ve looked in the fridge 10 times already today but can’t get excited about anything? Just 1/2 a cup of Rich Nuts delicious Maple Pecans will completely transform any grocery store cookie mix. We tell you how (don’t worry, we’re not some fancy chef who assumes everyone has a gourmet prep kitchen - we keep it simple and yummy) Turn Regular Cookie Mix into Gourmet Gold

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In your Sweet & Savory 4-Pack you’ll get 4 8oz packages including Rich Nuts favorites Crunchy Curry Cashew, Savory Sage, Maple Pecan, and Go Nuts & Berries. This deal is on for only another 3 days - watch the countdown timer and order here: Save 25% + Free Shipping

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