Most nut companies do not sprout and we don’t blame them - it’s hard to do and it drives up costs. A much easier business model would be to simply buy nuts from a farmer, throw some seasoning on them, and put them in a bag. Cheap and easy.

So why is Rich Nuts all about sprouting? Because sprouting makes nuts healthier for you and it makes them crunchier and easier to digest.

How do we know sprouting makes nuts healthier for you? We've proven it on ourselves, and the science of germination demonstrates the benefits. Sprouted nuts are considered a "functional food," which is a food that has a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition.

Nuts are a type of seed (we'll explain the interesting differences in the next newsletter) and a lot of the science of germination has been done on seeds like grains or legumes. Here's a typical summary, "In sprouted grains almost all nutrients are fully available and various antioxidants occur at higher concentrations, thus providing the base to define sprouts as functional foods.”

The scientists examined "the physiological and biochemical changes during the germination process, and the effects on final sprout composition in terms of macro- and micro-nutrients and bioactive compounds." This is just one study of thousands.

We will continue to connect with nutrition and agricultural scientists and provide you with more insight to the health and digestion aspects of sprouted nuts.

If you have any questions or you've come across interesting information about sprouting that you'd like to discuss, please let us know by emailing

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