We saw this article on social entrepreneurship and we’re sharing it with the Rich Nuts community because it contains a harsh truth about any business, especially one that believes in a triple bottom line like Rich Nuts:

No matter what, you have to produce something people are willing to pay for!

It sounds obvious, but just because we thought Rich Nuts Sprouted Gourmet Nuts tasted great and made us feel better didn’t mean they would sell. Lots of people had to think Rich Nuts tasted great and would make them feel better too. Well, challenge accepted!

As a company focused on doing the right thing, we have a lot of hurdles to overcome. There are so many things to consider as we balance Rich Nuts’ social, environmental, and economic impacts and benefits. Like making sure the nuts we purchase come from reputable farms that take care of their farmers AND the environment, or that our packaging keeps Rich Nuts sprouted gourmet flavors fresh - without leaving a bunch of plastic pollution.

What this article also brought up was something critical for success: “People are looking for an emotional connection to something.” That we understand, so if you have any questions or recommendations, we’d love to hear from you.

Here's Rich Nuts' own Rich Pauwels on his transformation from Firefighter to Founder:

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Here’s another link to the New York Times social entrepreneurship article, check it out: