Dr. Ed Blonz is a nutritionist and nutrition forensics expert who often testifies at nutritional supplement claim trials.  He is a professional at calling out unsubstantiated nutrition claims. So when he writes about nutrition, we read.

Here, Dr. Blonz explains why nuts have so much fat - they need energy to grow into trees.

This makes nuts nature’s most concentrated form of food energy.

Rich Nuts’ Founder Rich Pauwels experienced this first hand as he sought healthy foods that would sustain him while fighting fires in California. In this blog, the Rich Nuts team will be exploring the science and nutrition of nuts and the special method of sprouting.  Rich knew that nuts were healthy, so he made them a fundamental part of his firefighting diet.  What Rich discovered though, was that healthy nuts weren't all that healthy for him because they cased stomach upset and indigestion.  That's why he went on the sprouted nuts journey to make nature's concentrated food energy more digestible and, therefore, more nutritious.

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