In this fascinating John Sutton Apple Podcasts episode, John talks with Rich Nuts Founder Rich Pauwels - Rich shares how he created Rich Nuts while searching for an energy-packed snack to sustain him on long shifts while fighting California wildfires.

Rich tells John how he discovered a way to prevent the bloated, gassy, and tired feeling he got from eating nuts by “sprouting” the nuts first. The result is Rich Nuts - healthy, delicious, crunchy, and nutritious - with a mission to provide a positive impact on the world.

TRUTH IN FOOD connects you to the stories behind well-sourced food from places around the world, and the people who make it happen.  The program is hosted by John Robert Sutton - a global food importer, food archaeologist, author, and speaker.  John travels the globe looking for the hidden gems that have been overlooked by corporate companies – food that is shared by generations of families, culture, and tradition

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