I love starting a blog post with a question. Asking questions leads to answers, more questions, and a real conversation. Here’s a customer question:

Who Says Rich Nuts are “The Best Nuts Ever?”

I’ll give you 4 reasons why (number 3 might surprise you).

1. Properly sprouted and dehydrated nuts have a crunch most people have never experienced.

As long as it’s done properly, sprouting and then immediately dehydrating tree nuts brings out a special crunch that changes their whole taste dynamic. Sure flavors have a lot to do with it. But you can have the best-seasoned cashews in the world, and if they’re soft or mushy, they’re not going to satisfy.

Sprouting changes the proteins and enzymes in the nut, and the reduced moisture content from dehydration locks a fresh structure into place, giving nuts - especially cashews, pecans, and walnuts - that perfect crunch that just has to be tried to be fully appreciated. Once you try properly sprouted and dehydrated nuts, it’s hard to go back to the regular stuff.

2. People buy them when they try them.

We’ve all been to farmers markets or stores where people are trying to get you to try their different twist on a food product. Sometimes it looks good and we give it a try. But the vast majority of people do not then buy from that sampler, even though our human reciprocity behavior pushes us to return the favor and buy. This is not the case with Rich Nuts - when people try them the majority buy them. I had no idea this would happen. Sure I knew Rich Nuts were different, yet I was blown away by how people would say:

“Wow, these are so good!” and “What the heck did you do to them?”

And then they’d say, “How do I get these?” With responses like these it’s a lot more fun to do samplings at stores and farmers markets.

With all the preparation buying people are doing to prepare for coronavirus, we’ve had to get fresh supplies out to our retailers, like Erewhon and Sunrise.

3. I was not the one who said Rich Nuts were “The Best Nuts Ever!”

I’ll admit it, someone else came up with the tagline, The Best Nuts Ever. I had been doing samplings around LA and I was getting people to try Rich Nuts by holding out a jar of them and saying, “Do you want some nuts?” People would look at me like I was crazy. Then I’d explain how they weren’t just “some nuts,” they were special nuts that I had made using an artisanal, nutrition-unlocking process that I had discovered through extensive trial and error. I told my firefighter/food-hacker story hundreds of times to anyone who would listen. Invariably, people would say, “OK, I’ll try one.” And then they couldn’t stop eating them.

One day, this guy tried them and said “You are marketing these all wrong.” I was taken aback - people who tried them, liked them. I felt like I was marketing them just fine. He said, “Look, these aren’t just “some nuts”, these are the best nuts ever!” I laughed of course - I’m usually a modest person - but I got the point and, at the end of the day, I agreed with him.

So from that point on I put that into my spiel, “Hey, you want to try the best nuts ever?” It worked!

I think it’s the fact that people want to try them to see if they really are the best nuts ever - something about putting that claim out there makes people think, “I’ll be the judge of that!” Which is great because I stand by Rich Nuts, their quality, health benefits, nutrient density - that crunch - and of course the unique gourmet flavors.

4. Sprouting Nuts Solved My Digestion Problems - Maybe Yours Too.

The whole reason I started sprouting nuts in the first place was because I used to eat lots of raw cashews and trail mix when I was out on the fire line, training with my fire station crew, or inspecting areas for fire risk. I knew nuts were a great on-the-go food because they are known as Nature’s concentrated food energy. But for me, the result of eating all those raw or even roasted nuts was bloating, gas, lethargy, and what I call brain fog - I just wasn’t “on.” Of course that effect was the opposite of what I needed to sustain me as a firefighter, one of the toughest jobs on earth.

So examined my diet like a mad scientist. I did exclusionary diets, keto diets, paleo, vegan, you name it - I tried it all. But I kept on having the same stomach problems. As luck would have it, I stumbled upon sprouting - this food-hacking concept that made a lot of sense to me and solved my digestive problems.

Nuts, like seeds, grains, and legumes, are essentially the egg of a plant. Many have evolved to be dispersed by animals when they eat them. To survive animal digestive tracts, nuts evolved layered shells of protective chemicals, enzymes, and protein structures, like phytic acid and lectins, which inhibit or disrupt digestion. Not only can these nut protectants make nuts less digestible to humans, they can also cause inflammation and contribute to digestive problems like leaky gut.

Sprouting breaks down these barriers by sparking a cascade of biological changes to a nut’s structure, reducing those protectants and, essentially, “unlocking” a nut’s nutrition. By using the right water at the right temperature and soaking nuts for just the right amount of time, germination is sparked, and then we halt that cascade and preserve those now “unlocked” nutrients with gentle dehydration for an exact amount of time. This process gives Rich Nuts their unique crunch and also makes them far more digestible and bioavailable.

Sprouting changed my life, and I suggest that it might change yours too - if you like nuts and suffer from digestive problems, try sprouting - you can do it yourself at home too. And of course I encourage you to try all the Rich Nuts flavors and see which ones you think prove my point that Rich Nuts are The Best Nuts Ever!